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The problem of suffering has no easy answer. Let me say that at the start. And the answers which the Bible gives are not, at first blush, what secular people would like to hear. But at the outset, let’s observe that some of the problems associated with the question arise from... read more


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Everyone has their own experiences of suffering, and their understanding of it within the context of God. Have a read of others' views here. You can email your views to info [@] and we will consider adding them


مشکل رنج Проблема страдания Problēma ciešanu

Your Views About God and the Problem of Suffering

What helps me to find some sort of peace with suffering is this image.
Imagine the deer caring for the young fawn dependent on her for survival.
Imagine too, a lioness with her young cubs to feed; they are also dependent
on her for survival. She kills the young fawn to feed her young. The deer
grieves the loss of her young one while the lioness rejoices that her young
have food. We often get trapped in viewing this through the eyes of the
deer, not the lion. God's view is not our view; he sees the whole picture
that we cannot see. He sees both the deer and the lion. We must trust that
he indeed is loving, wise and merciful.
Love in Christ,
Dolores Sleeper


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