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    1. Atheism and the Problem of Suffering

    Wanting answers to all our ‘why suffering?’ questions seems to me rather like demanding concrete reasons to believe; searching science for hard visible evidence that God exists. But this is not the nature of faith. I’m aware that many calling themselves atheists will say ‘If there’s a God, then where is He when…’ various tragedies happen. But I am not convinced there are any really solid, hard to the core atheists out there. In their heart of hearts. Because we can never disprove the existence of God. There is no experiment to be done which declares ‘He’s not there’. And so each and every atheist has to live with that niggling doubt. Many who have come to faith admit the niggle of the doubt they felt. And the louder and more dogmatically and publicly they declare His non-existence… the more desperate they are to drown out that little niggling voice within. The question of suffering is difficult for us all, of whatever religious persuasion [or not]. Atheism also is no real answer to it. In fact, to take God out of the equation leaves us at the mercy of the winds of fortune to such an extent that life becomes a hideous running of gauntlets, defying statistics, fearing the strokes of bad luck and misadventure. Ending all the same in death, and the loss of all we once held dear in this world. And that final suffering- death itself- is left with no deeper meaning, nor is it removed, by atheism. So I cannot accept that the problem of suffering is a very valid excuse for atheism. There is no sensible reason why suffering means there is no higher power. That simply does not follow. At best it might be a reason to disagree with certain interpretations of that higher power, but not to doubt its existence. Atheism doesn’t take it away. The atheist [if such really exist] is left with the problem of suffering. Any attempts to philosophize it away do not take it away in reality.





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