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  1. Suffering for Unbelievers

But this all begs the obvious observation- that is all very well for the believer, who has the perspective of God’s Kingdom ahead to help him or her contextualize all present sufferings. But what of those who do not believe? Why do they suffer? And that is indeed the question that torments us all. In God’s wisdom, it could be that this state of affairs is permitted, and even enabled, by Him- in order to bring the unbelieving world to the Hope of His Kingdom. For the hope of the future Kingdom of God on earth is indeed the only Biblical explanation and context for suffering.

But what of those who have not heard the good news of that Kingdom? Why should they suffer? And the Bible is pretty much silent about that- apart from observing that all are sinners, all would have done what Adam did were they there in Eden faced with his choices (Rom. 5:12). The fallen world we live in is as it is because of the result of Adam’s sin. The nature of sin is such that it affects other people; people suffer because of the sins of others. That is one of the reasons why babies and children die. There is little point in wriggling and protesting about this- it is quite obviously how it is. And that fact does not in the slightest take away from the actual existence of God. You may not like it, or be bold enough to even say you don’t agree with it. But that is how things are, and your dislike of God’s larger plan and way of working doesn’t in the slightest take away from His existence. We must come to terms with it; and in practice, that means humbling ourselves before Him, recognizing we see only “through a glass, darkly”, accepting the Hope of the Kingdom for ourselves- and then doing all we can to extend that hope to as many others as is within our power. For the call to evangelize the good news of the Kingdom is inextricably and naturally connected with personally having that blessed Hope ourselves.



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