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The problem of suffering, evil, satan, the devil and demons



The problem of suffering has no easy answer. Let me say that at the start. And the answers which the Bible gives are not, at first blush, what secular people would like to hear. But at the outset, let’s observe that some of the problems associated with the question arise from false theologies and interpretations. Not least is the idea that God gives only good, wants us to have a fantastic life free of suffering, and therefore all the negative stuff must be blamed upon a supernatural being known as the Devil or Satan. This is not what the Bible teaches. This is a simplistic theology which has its roots in paganism and not in the one true God. It creates more problems, and more mental suffering, than it ever solves. I’ve written extensively about the issue in The Real Devil, which you can freely access at . For now, let’s allow the words of Isaiah 45:5-7 their full weight: “I am Yahweh, and there is none else. Besides Me, there is no God. I will strengthen you, though you have not known Me… I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create calamity. I am Yahweh, who does all these things”. This was written in the context of Judah in captivity starting to be influenced by the pagan ideas that there was a good God and a bad one. But there is not; struggle with it as we may, the one true God is all powerful, and all things, positive and negative, have their source in Him.



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